Plainview Kids One Days

 The Life of David

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     June 9: Art Day

     July 14: Hike Day

     Aug 11: Storytelling Day



Life is complicated, and as a kid, there are all kinds of things that can be confusing and hard to understand or deal with. Having a good friend alongside you can make it better, and Jesus wants to be that friend! But Jesus isn’t a person with a physical body like you and me, so it can be tricky to understand what it means to have Jesus as a friend. The goal of this summer will be to give kids tangible ways and “tools” that they can remember and think about as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Using the life of David as an example, the primary tools (big ideas) for each day will be:

     1) Jesus is with us and we can talk to Him whenever we want, wherever we are

     2) When things don’t go the way we want them to, Jesus is a friend who stays by our side

     3) When we remember that Jesus wants to be everyone’s friend, we can help others know Him too.


Our first day, June 9, we’ll be exercising our creative abilities with an art day, using all kinds of different mediums, such as painting, playdough, and Lego. On July 14, we’ll be getting our fresh air and sunshine by going on a scavenger hunt hike out at Carley State Park. On August 11, we’ll flex our storytelling muscles by having a table-top game day to tell stories together.


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