One days

Family Toolbox Day

On June 17 from 5-7pm, we’ll be having a family kickoff evening.

Families can come and go through
stations where they’ll be given some basic ideas for fun family night activities they can do on their own
throughout the summer.

Build-a-bug day

On July 13, from 9am to noon, we’ll be putting our handyman skills to the test as we build some bug houses and
talk about how God has created us and how we take care of the world around us.


LEGo day

On August 17, from 9am to noon, we’ll be finishing out
the summer with a super fun LEGO day. We’ll be able to build, play, and hang out with each other and review the
lessons we’ve learned over the summer, as well as getting ourselves ready for the challenges that the fall season and
the new school year will bring.

Sign up for the first One Day on June 17th! We will keep in contact with you throughout the summer so you know all the exciting things we will be planning.

One Day Family Registration